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Carol Webster is a business consultant with an enviable track record in ensuring growing businesses reach their full potential. Her 17 years of experience working with a variety of businesses has forged her strong reputation with clients and suppliers alike as a serious and powerful business force.

By working closely with your existing management team Carol is able to identify and advise on which areas of the business will benefit from additional resource, and can plan and deliver a professional and personal service, which will ultimately ensure all resources are deployed as effectively as possible.

Carol brings with her a trusted team that has worked together on an array of projects, offering a highly skilled and experienced workforce with a single goal; supporting your business.

Opening speach markOur shared goal is to identify and release the potential in any business, whether this is achieved by facilitating growth, instigating change or improving the day to day workings of the organisations".

New Horizons Business Management is simply an extension of your own business, and can be just the tonic for a healthy, vibrant and growing company. It’s probably easiest to think of us like Man Friday to Robinson Crusoe; reliable, invaluable and most of all a trusted companion.close speach marks

Carol Webster, Managing Director, New Horizons Business Management